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Service description

The Managed DNS Service from BT provides a complete end-to-end service ensuring peace-of-mind and continuity management of customers' domain names. The service looks after the registration of the domain names and handles all interactions with registries and naming authorities where BT will be the administrative, technical and billing contacts. BT will take care of all your domain registration & renewal activities on your behalf whilst providing online customer management access where you can view status reports for all domains managed on your behalf and generate requests for further registration/management to be undertaken. The extent of the service offered is dependant upon BT hosting the domain names on its own name servers, but where this is the case, we can provide complete 'zone-file' management to an individual customer's requirement.

Services offered

The Managed DNS service comprises:

Where BT is hosting domain names on our name servers the service also provides:

International domain names

BT can register and manage international domains on behalf of your organisation. Registration of international domain names is subject to different restrictions dependant on the country involved and BT provides advice and consultancy where required.

24-hour support

BT can provide a 24-hour support service, where necessary, offering customers the ability to request planned work or changes to their services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service could also include emergency 'call-out' in response to a customer problem where access to domain management is required.